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Running a property management company efficiently can be nerve-wracking. With iHive, you keep track of all incidents while increasing their processing productivity.

For the most diverse real estate portfolios

With iHive you can manage condominium properties, rental properties, commercial properties, office properties, student residences or entire shopping centers with their associated internal or external janitors and service providers.

Your real estate objects at a glance

Like no other solution, iHive® offers granular mapping of all real estate objects: Building parts, building entrances, playgrounds, WEG, rental units, apartments, rooms, parking spaces, basements, campuses, etc. Furthermore, self-use and third-party use, advisory boards, even furnishings and contracts can be mapped in detail and managed accordingly in processes and tasks.

The digital door to the dormitory


Nothing can be more nerve-wracking as a property manager than managing apartment units where, naturally, there is a constant “coming and going.” The cost-effective and efficient management of student housing is an enormous task for administrators. iHive® supports here with modern communication: around the clock, fast and efficient.

Modern customer service for real estate management


Apartment owners and their communities often have very specific concerns and high demands on service quality. iHive® supports property management companies in all communication tasks: Planning, inviting, coordinating meetings and, in particular, tracking all processes are possible smoothly and seamlessly with iHive.

Efficient management of boarding houses


The management of boarding houses becomes a mammoth task due to frequent and rapid tenant changes. In addition, the complete furnishing must often be integrated into the management. iHive® can map and manage all fixtures and fittings for the rented property in detail and thus significantly relieve the administration.

Keeping track of shopping centers


With a wide variety of business partners and service providers, there is a risk of losing track of the various processes and concerns. With iHive®, it’s easy to stay in the driving seat and track operations because all parties are integrated and communicate with each other under one interface

Professional support for facility management


iHive® offers professional support for infrastructural and technical facility management for rental, key or cleaning management (CAFM-Computer-Aided Facility Management). iHive® increases transparency and productivity of managed properties with end-to-end communication, integration of peripheral systems, productive and efficient task and process management.