Integrated platform: manage real estate online

All communication channels (e.g., emails, customer apps, TV screens, ERP systems) are integrated on a common platform – for targeted communication and modern customer service. You can manage properties online without installing any software or downloading any specific application. As a software-as-a-service, iHive® is available anytime and anywhere without limits – for targeted communication online directly with the property and modern customer service: whether on a smartphone, tablet, computer or TV screen, via portal or email.

Innovative user interface
for real estate management

iHive® offers a user-friendly portal with patented design* and a unique task-oriented approach. All tasks in the Real estate management become transparent at a glance and are 100% traceable. Thus, iHive® provides a complete overview of all processes of a property at any time and makes it possible to keep control and proactively follow up on urgent tasks. All tasks are displayed in a traffic light system and remain traceable at all times. Status updates on service notifications and direct information via the bulletin board create even more transparency and overview.

*Se registered as a European design with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on January 3, 2020 (No. 007470562).

Manage real estate mobile online

iHive® works on any electronic device with a browser and internet connection (PC, MAC and all mobile devices). Mobile responsiveness is a top priority in real estate management with iHive®. iHive® is thus available around the clock as a “point of contact”: Customers simply create service messages in iHive®, receive feedback and stay informed through status updates – no matter where they are and regardless of the time of day.

Multi-channel: Manage real estate online without media breaks

With iHive®, everyone can communicate when and where they want via their preferred channel – whether phone, email, portal, app, fax, etc. The modern text editor supports fast communication with @ and #. Push and notification services are also part of the standard. Customers can also report damage simply and easily outside office hours. iHive® enables fast, comprehensive delivery of information that individuals need. For example, external parties involved in a process – such as janitors or service providers – are seamlessly integrated into the processing. Real estate agents manage online – across all communication boundaries – even with external contact persons who are not registered in iHive®.

Overview of service contracts
and maturities

With iHive® you will never again lose track of the service contracts with external service providers, maintenance companies and other service providers for your real estate – including services, terms, prices and price adjustment clauses. With the central contract management in iHive® you have your service contracts in view: from the tender to the control of the resulting obligations. to the blog article

Support of the
Janitorial duties

iHive® supports janitors in fulfilling their regular duties around the property. Recurring tasks can be processed in a structured manner, as can current processes and new tasks. If desired, janitorial tasks can be controlled directly at the property via geofencing.