New feature: acceptance and handover protocols

07 January 2022, Cecile von Künssberg

Protocols have proven their worth in the handover of apartments. They reliably document the condition of the apartment, the completeness of the inventory and the work still to be carried out in the presence of the tenant when moving in and out.


With iHive, this important documentation process is guided by an online checklist. This is easily accessed on the smartphone or tablet.

The three protocol types for apartment handover, preliminary acceptance and acceptance upon move-out can be freely configured to your requirements and easily adapted to individual cases. The apartment inspection is clearly structured in 5 to 8 steps. The templates can be supplemented on site with equipment such as smoke detectors or fire extinguishers - even adding inventory (keys, furniture) is possible with one click.

Another option is to record meter readings directly and assign them to the residential unit. Damage can be captured by photo with a tablet or smartphone and attached directly to the log. In the same step, a process can be generated from the damage report, which enters the ticketing system as an open ticket.

Finally, the protocol is digitally signed by the tenant and the manager directly on the smartphone or tablet. The PDF generated from the completed and signed protocol is then emailed to all stakeholders.

Advantages compared to manually filled out protocols

  • No paperwork
  • Time saving: The digitization step in the administration is omitted, as the document is digitally captured on site
  • Labor saving: damage, meter readings, inventory can be taken directly from the preliminary report
  • Error prevention: master data of the tenant are automatically transferred to the form
  • Completeness: damage images are inserted and assigned directly
  • Faster task entry: orders can be generated immediately from damage reports
  • Everything is done in one step: the tenant receives the protocol by e-mail directly on site

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