Smart property management with comprehensive integration

iHive® is open and flexible for all connections and thus enables smart property management: iHive® supports both the control of janitor tasks at the property and the integration of infrastructure objects for maintenance. The platform also has interfaces for computer telephony and connection to the company’s own ERP system.

Digital control of janitorial tasks with geofencing

If required, regular janitorial tasks at the property can be supported by geofencing. Pending tasks can only be completed when the janitor is actually at the property.

Predictive Maintenance
through smart IoT integration

All infrastructure objects of the property that require periodic or spontaneous maintenance are integrated into iHive®. This way, no maintenance is forgotten. This predictive maintenance enables smart real estate management – with high reliability and smooth operation of the infrastructure.

ERP integration with the
iHive® Interface

Smart property management with iHive® can be used as a standalone solution. In addition, various ERP systems and master data can be integrated via iHive® Interface – either uni- or bi-directionally. In iHive®, the various objects, infrastructure elements and leased fixtures are mapped at a unique granularity.

Smart property management with computer telephony integration

In case of call detection, the CTI shows the last incidents, thus reducing the search for the incident in the property management to a minimum. At the same time, iHive® integrates seamlessly into the existing PBX infrastructure.