More productivity and service quality in real estate management

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Integrated digital real estate management
and contemporary communication

Running a property management company efficiently can be nerve-wracking! iHive® is the answer to the increasing workload in all areas of property management. The web-based property management software enables integrated digital property management and contemporary communication.

You maintain an overview of all processes, automate your routine procedures and thus work more productively. You can also communicate in real time, simplifying the communication effort for all parties involved and increasing your service quality.

Alle Benutzer und Kommunikationskanäle auf einer Plattform

Because every property is different:
What real estate do you manage?

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With iHive®, you can manage your real estate – condominium properties, rental properties, commercial properties, office properties, student residences, or entire shopping centers – with their associated internal or external janitors and service providers.

All around your real estate:
All processes at a glance

iHive® is designed to be task-oriented throughout. All tasks related to real estate are displayed in a traffic light system within the particularly user-friendly dashboard with intuitive design. This means that every process or task can be tracked 100% online and mobile at any time.

Multi-channel for real estate management:
Closing the information loop

With iHive®, anyone can communicate whenever and wherever they want via their preferred channel – and they don’t even have to be a registered user to do so. Thus, iHive® closes the information loop between tenants, owners, service providers and property management with a single property management solution.

Mobile CRM software as SaaS:
Use the latest technology

As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), iHive® is available anytime, anywhere, without limits – without downloading software or application. Mobile responsiveness is a top priority for iHive® mobile CRM software. All applications are optimally designed for mobile devices. In addition to the ability to perform traditional data entry and search, iHive® offers a state-of-the-art communication/text editor. Push and notification services are of course part of the standard. In the case of caller identification, CTI shows the last operations, thus reducing the search for the operation in the administration to a minimum.

Smart property management:
Open and flexible for all connections

The smart property management system iHive® supports both the control of janitor tasks at the property and the integration of infrastructure objects for maintenance. The platform also has interfaces for computer telephony and connection to the company’s own ERP system.

„ iHive® was developed from practice for practice. You notice that immediately. With iHive® we have taken a big step towards more productivity and service quality in our property management.“
Michael Wintzer, CEO
Bayerische Immobilien Management GmbH