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Increase the attractiveness of your business center

  • Increase tenant satisfaction : iHive increases tenant satisfaction by up to 40% through improved communication and faster resolution of tenant queries.


  • Efficiency in technical management : With iHive, efficiency in maintenance and monitoring of assets and personnel planning increases by up to 35%, resulting in more transparent and structured operational management.


  • Improving safety standards : The implementation of iHive increases reliability in maintenance management and involves tenants in defect management, which increases operational safety by up to 50% and significantly minimizes liability risks.
Student Dormitories


Effective Tenant Communication : Facility managers must effectively manage communication with tenants to understand needs and respond quickly to requests.

Managing Technical Aspects : Managing technical aspects of the business center, including equipment and personnel, requires planning and organization.

Maintenance and compliance with safety standards : Regular inspections and maintenance are necessary to meet safety standards and minimize liability risks.

How iHive addresses these challenges

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    Improving tenant communication

    iHive facilitates and optimizes communication between facility manager teams and tenants. With the integrated tools for messaging and problem management, inquiries and disruptions can be processed quickly and effectively. iHive also allows tenants to easily report defects, which not only contributes to increased satisfaction but also significantly improves the overall operational safety of the business center.

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    Centralized management of the business center

    iHive serves as a comprehensive platform for managing all technical matters of the center. The platform enables clear task assignment, real-time updates and transparent management of device statuses and maintenance contracts, resulting in time savings and increased efficiency in workflows.

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    Systematic maintenance and safety checks

    iHive promotes facility safety and functionality through scheduled inspections and maintenance management. This helps to maintain consistent safety standards and reduce liability risks by providing structured and reliable monitoring of maintenance work.

After launching iHive:

With iHive in use, facility managers in business centers experience a significant increase in operator effectiveness.


The platform transforms the way tenants are communicated, leading to faster resolutions to queries and sustainably increasing tenant satisfaction. iHive also facilitates the management of all technical areas of the center, making tasks such as facility operations and workforce planning more efficient and transparent. Another key benefit is the strengthening of maintenance procedures and safety controls, which not only improves safety standards but also reduces liability risks. Overall, iHive ensures better operational management, which both increases service quality and strengthens user trust.

"With iHive we have left behind traditional methods such as Excel and email in property management. A groundbreaking advance!"
- Lukas Werner, Facility Manager in the Business Center
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