Student Dormitories

Digitalization in public administration

  • Increased user satisfaction : iHive increases satisfaction in public institutions by up to 40% through improved communication and faster processing of requests.


  • More efficient technical management : With iHive, efficiency in maintenance and monitoring of assets improves by up to 35%, resulting in clearer and more structured operational management.


  • Improved security standards and document management : Implementing iHive increases operational security by up to 50% and minimizes liability risks. Additionally, iHive optimizes document management, improving the management and accessibility of important documents.
Student Dormitories


Quick response to disruptions and concerns : In municipal facilities such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals or social housing, it is crucial that employees and/or users can report disruptions and problems easily and quickly to ensure continued functionality and safety.

Maintenance and safety compliance : Efficient organization and execution of maintenance work as well as compliance with safety regulations are of great importance in public facilities, especially in places with high user traffic.

Location-independent monitoring and management : The ability to monitor and manage regular maintenance and fault processes remotely is essential for property managers in order to be able to respond effectively and promptly to various challenges.

How iHive addresses these challenges

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    Direct fault reports

    iHive enables employees and users to report disruptions and problems easily and directly via the platform. This ensures that concerns are quickly recorded and forwarded to the property manager, who can then respond immediately. This means that problems are solved promptly, which ensures the functionality and safety of the facility and increases user satisfaction.

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    Efficient maintenance

    iHive supports the property manager in planning, organizing and carrying out maintenance work. The platform helps to structure maintenance tasks and ensure that all specifications and safety standards are met, thereby minimizing the risk of failures and significantly reducing liability risks.

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    Location-independent management

    With iHive, property managers can plan and control operations remotely. The platform offers access to current information and the status of fault reports in real time. This allows the manager to respond effectively and timely to various challenges, regardless of their physical location.

After launching iHive:

iHive is the new dimension of efficiency and security in technical property management.


After introducing iHive, property managers benefit from improved management efficiency and communication. You can quickly record and process faults and problems, which increases operational reliability and user satisfaction. iHive supports the structured planning and execution of maintenance work, while maintaining safety standards and minimizing liability risks. The platform also enables effective document management and facilitates remote management of operations, improving responsiveness regardless of location. Even with tight budgets and a lack of internal resources, introducing and maintaining iHive is not an obstacle.

The introduction of iHive was straightforward and hassle-free. Even with limited internal resources, we were able to successfully use the platform."
- Helmut Klein, property manager
“That’s how technical property management works. Get started with iHive today!”

Seamlessly integrate iHive into your current IT structure

iHive works with an open interface and can be easily integrated into your existing IT structure. Our network of partnerships is constantly growing, and successful collaborations with the leading ERP providers are already established.