The features of iHive

Everything you need for efficient property management

Explore iHive’s extensive features to help you better organize your tasks, seamlessly process user requests, and monitor the current status of your properties in real time. Learn how iHive takes your property management to a higher level to increase your efficiency and ensure a best-in-class user experience.

  • 1
    Ticket system

    Efficient communication and task management


    • Our intuitive system optimizes communication between users, caretakers and property operators.
    • Repair requests, maintenance work and other concerns can be created quickly and easily.
    • The clear status display and targeted assignment of those responsible increase efficiency in real estate management.
    • The optional CTI connection integrates telephony, improves response times and service quality.
    • Central recording and transparent task management always provide an overview.
  • 2
    Task management

    Optimal control over all tasks


    • Track all upcoming checks, maintenance and duties.
    • Ensuring the property is in optimal condition and all requirements are met.
    • Reduction of administrative effort and efficient use of time.
    • Clear overview of all tasks and responsibilities.
    • Ensuring that no important duties are overlooked and that the property is well looked after.
  • 3
    Contract Management

    Contract management made easy


    • Efficient management of various contract types, including rental, service and service contracts.
    • Automatic reminders prevent you from missing extension and negotiation deadlines.
    • Simplifying contract management for smooth processing.
    • Constant monitoring and updating of contract information for complete documentation.
    • Access to past contracts and contract changes to understand contract development over time.
  • 4
    Digital bulletin board

    Effective information sharing


    • Always stay informed about important property updates thanks to a virtual bulletin board.
    • Have access to current announcements and information at any time with just one click.
    • Decide whether to display notifications in the app or on a screen within the property.
    • Ensuring relevant news and announcements are easily accessible and up-to-date for everyone.
    • Efficient communication in your property.
  • 5
    Handover and acceptance protocols

    Seamless user switching and efficient log management


    • Simple and smooth user change in real estate of all kinds.
    • Documentation of damage and abnormalities with direct link to tasks.
    • Efficient and transparent processes thanks to digital signature options.
  • 6
    Document Management

    Simple and secure document management


    • Comprehensive documentation and easy access to relevant documents.
    • Integrated document management for secure storage of contracts, protocols and instructions.
    • User-friendly interface for quick and easy access to information.
  • 7
    Digital onboarding and offboarding of dorm residents

    Smart room allocation


    • Transformed application process, onboarding and offboarding.
    • Efficient allocation, exchange and release of space.
    • Clear contract management in real time.
    • Fast and simplified processes for applicants and administration.
    • Streamlined process for space management and contract details.

Integrate iHive into your existing IT environment

iHive works with an open interface and integrates effortlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. Our network of partnerships is constantly growing, and we have already established successful collaborations with the leading ERP providers in the German-speaking region.