Who we are

Our mission

Our mission is to offer efficient and user-friendly technical real estate management software. We enable real estate operators to optimize their workflows, save time, improve the quality of services and minimize their liability risks.

Our vision

Our vision is to transform the real estate industry by combining modern technology with comprehensive functionality and ease of use. We strive to be a leading technical real estate management platform that helps real estate operators optimize their work processes, increase efficiency and provide an outstanding user experience.

Mission & Vision


A few years ago, based on personal experience, we recognized the needs and challenges in the real estate management industry. The many communication channels and media breaks, the missing or confusing documentation, and the lack of knowledge about tasks and responsibilities surprised us. As an IT service provider – and with know-how in the real estate sector – we had a comparison with this industry in mind and knew that things can and must be done better. Our vision was therefore to develop an innovative software solution that helps facility managers, owners, service providers and users to communicate effectively and in a timely manner and to simplify their processes. One of the main goals was to perfectly integrate the users of the property into the processes. Today, iHive is proud to be one of the leaders in this space.


Our founder Stanislaw Panow takes on voluntary responsibility for the management of a student dormitory. It quickly becomes clear that the existing documentation and processes are extremely inadequate…


… and the existing liability risks cannot be brought under control – without fundamental digitalization. This is the birth of iHive 1.0.


The development of iHive 2.0 begins as a joint venture. The IT service provider netcos GmbH, the developerstakt and a key customer from the real estate sector are involved.


First productive use of iHive, more customers are added. These contribute, among other things, to the development of further new functions.