Student Dormitories

More efficiency in facility management

  • Reduce your administrative effort and minimize your liability risks.


  • Quick status updates on what is happening in your buildings and assets, reducing management time by up to 40%.


  • The solution minimizes communication delays by up to 50%, ensuring more efficient maintenance and smooth management of properties.
Student Dormitories


Complexities of Holistic Facility Management: Facility managers must manage all technical aspects of their facilities, including equipment status, contracts and staffing responsibilities. However, using different data sources and tools can quickly lead to a loss of overview.

Compliance with laws and regulations: Facility managers must ensure that all facilities and operations are compliant with applicable rules and regulations. This includes compliance with environmental, health and safety standards as well as compliance with building regulations and labor laws.

Communication with team and users: Facility managers must communicate effectively with team and users, which includes handling complaints, providing information and responding to requests quickly.

How iHive addresses these challenges

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    Complexities of holistic facility management

    iHive offers an integrated platform on which all aspects of the technical management can be managed centrally. This includes information about the condition of the equipment, contracts, staff duties and much more. Such an integrated solution significantly simplifies work processes saves Time – all information and documents can be accessed on the platform by everyone involved at any time.



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    Compliance with laws and regulations

    iHive offers advanced features for scheduling and conducting regular inspections to ensure compliance with safety standards and other regulations. It enables efficient management of equipment and system maintenance and provides comprehensive monitoring of safety-related elements. In addition, iHive ensures reliable control over tasks, deadlines and processes through online and mobile access options.

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    Communication with the team and users

    iHive makes it easier to assign and manage tasks within the team through a centralized platform that provides real-time access to tasks and updates. The software’s integrated communication and messaging tools allow you to communicate effectively and directly with users. iHive supports the management of fault reports and inquiries. Additionally, iHive offers users a digital bulletin board to make important information accessible.

After launching iHive:

iHive simplifies work processes, strengthens safety standards and reduces overtime



With iHive, facility managers receive central control of all technical management aspects, which simplifies work processes and saves time. The software improves compliance with safety standards and optimizes maintenance planning. Thanks to iHive, long working hours and overtime are a thing of the past as it enables more efficient task management and communication.

"iHive was a real game changer for us. Everything is now more structured and efficient. Our users and my team are thrilled."
- Markus Lehmann, Facility Manager
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iHive works with an open interface and can be easily integrated into your existing IT structure. Our network of partnerships is constantly growing, and successful collaborations with the leading ERP providers are already established.