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The turning point in caretaker service

  • Task management : iHive increases efficiency in task planning and distribution by up to 50%, resulting in significant time savings.


  • Service quality : Using iHive improves the execution of service tasks by up to 40%, which increases customer satisfaction.


  • Communication and documentation : iHive reduces misunderstandings in communication and documentation by up to 30%, increasing transparency and accuracy.
Student Dormitories


Efficient task planning and distribution: Janitorial services must plan tasks carefully and delegate them effectively to the team, which requires clear prioritization and structured organization.

Digitalization and structuring of services: It is challenging to transform regular services such as garbage disposal or cleaning into structured, digital work plans to enable easy task distribution.

Optimized communication and precise documentation: Clear and efficient communication with all parties involved as well as accurate documentation of the work carried out are crucial to ensure transparent billing and minimize liability risks.

How iHive addresses these challenges

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    Efficient task planning and distribution

    iHive addresses the challenge of task scheduling and distribution of janitorial services through an intuitive platform that allows creating and managing task lists. With the prioritization function and user-friendly assignment of work to team members, iHive supports coordination and provides a clear overview of all upcoming work. This simplifies the distribution of tasks and improves the efficiency of the entire team.

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    Digitization and structuring of services

    iHive facilitates the conversion of standardized service specifications into digital action plans. The platform enables caretaker services to integrate regular service tasks such as providing garbage cans, stairwell cleaning and inspections into recurring task packages. These task packages can then be easily and efficiently divided and assigned among employees, which contributes to a significant improvement in work processes.

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    Optimized communication and documentation

    iHive offers robust communication tools that enable seamless interaction between janitorial services, clients and other stakeholders. The platform facilitates quick responses to inquiries and disruptions. In addition, iHive supports accurate documentation of all activities, which leads to transparent billing and minimizes liability risks. Daily work processes are simplified and responsibilities are clearly defined.

After launching iHive:

After introducing iHive, janitorial services will benefit from increased efficiency and improved workflows.


The platform simplifies the planning and distribution of tasks and enables clear prioritization and assignment, facilitating coordination within the team. The transformation of standardized tasks into digital, systematic action plans optimizes the handling of regular service tasks. In addition, iHive promotes rapid response to inquiries and disruptions through effective communication. Documenting all activities contributes to transparent billing and minimizes liability risks. Overall, iHive facilitates daily work processes, increases productivity and improves service quality.

"Our service has completely changed thanks to iHive. We have become more efficient and our customers notice it!"
- Stefan Müller, owner of the caretaker service
"Revolutionize your service. iHive makes the difference!"

Seamlessly integrate iHive into your current IT structure

iHive works with an open interface and can be easily integrated into your existing IT structure. Our network of partnerships is constantly growing, and successful collaborations with the leading ERP providers are already established.