Student Dormitories

Software for dormitories that perfectly supports your work

  • More clarity and efficiency: Reduce your administrative effort by 60%.


  • Get quick status updates and reduce management time by up to 40%.


  • Our platform reduces communication delays by up to 50%, so you’re always up to date.
Student Dormitories


Confusing flood of documents

The administration of dormitories often suffers from an excess of paperwork and documents, which leads to a lack of clarity.

Confusing communication

Communication often occurs through unstructured email conversations and other channels, leading to misunderstandings and loss of information.

Difficult coordination of requests and room availability

Managing room availability, rental agreements and inquiries at the same time proves to be challenging and time-consuming.

How iHive addresses these challenges

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    Digital application portal

    Imagine applications no longer flooding your office in the form of stacks of paper or emails, but instead flowing neatly and clearly into a digital system.

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    Intelligent room management

    iHive allows rooms to be automatically assigned based on availability. Like a conductor in an orchestra, the system ensures that everything runs harmoniously.

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    Direct communication channels

    Messages, announcements and reminders are sent directly to residents in real time, as if each room had its own mailbox.

After launching iHive:

Using iHive results in more efficient administrative processes and significantly increased staff and resident satisfaction.


With iHive, processes are not only made faster, but also more transparent, which leads to improved communication and coordination. The digital platform enables easier and more intuitive interaction for residents and employees, significantly reducing day-to-day administrative work. In addition, iHive supports effective resource management, which is reflected in increased efficiency and higher satisfaction of administrative employees.

"iHive has fundamentally changed the way we manage our residence hall. The efficiency gain is enormous!"
- Julia Meyer, dormitory administrator
Redesign your residence hall management. Experience the possibilities with iHive!

Seamlessly integrate iHive into your current IT structure

iHive works with an open interface and can be easily integrated into your existing IT structure. Our network of partnerships is constantly growing, and successful collaborations with the leading ERP providers are already established.