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Checklists to standardize your processes

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22 December 2023

How can checklists and digital protocols help facility managers to make their everyday work easier, especially in the areas of apartment handover and maintenance work?

Handover of the rental property: Efficient and problem-free processes

The handover of apartments when tenants change is an important step. There are numerous tasks that need to be coordinated and completed to ensure a smooth transition. Checklists and protocols are indispensable tools in this process.

Digital handover protocols

With predefined lists, facility managers can ensure that no important steps are missed. Here are some items that can be included in such a checklist:

  • Checking cleanliness
  • Functional testing of devices
  • Checking the keys
  • Contract signing
  • Condition report of the rental property
  • Documentation of meter readings

Maintenance work: efficient organization and tracking

For maintenance management, checklists and digital protocols are particularly helpful in complying with legal regulations and monitoring the condition of the systems.

Planning maintenance work

Regular maintenance of buildings and systems is crucial to avoid expensive repairs. Checklists help facility managers plan maintenance tasks in advance and ensure that no critical tasks are missed.

By using digital logs, facility managers can schedule maintenance appointments and set automatic reminders.

Checklists make it possible to plan the required resources such as labor, materials and tools in advance.

Carrying out and documenting maintenance work

While performing maintenance, checklists are invaluable in ensuring all tasks are completed according to standards.

  • Task checklist : Facility managers can create detailed checklists that list the specific tasks for each maintenance job.
  • Problem logging : If problems arise during maintenance, they can be immediately recorded in digital logs to enable quick resolution.
  • Documentation of completions : After completion of the work, facility managers can document the results and the condition of the systems in the digital protocols.

Advantages of checklists and digital protocols

Using checklists and digital logs offers a number of benefits for facility managers:

  • Error prevention: Clearly defined steps and guided processes prevent human-caused errors, improving the accuracy and quality of work
  • Time savings : Save time by filling out protocols on the tablet, signing them digitally and sending them to everyone involved as a PDF in the same step.
  • Traceability : Digital logs enable comprehensive tracking of activities and facilitate documentation for reports and audits.
  • Cost control : Automated planning of maintenance schedules helps avoid unexpected costs due to emergency repairs.
  • Customer satisfaction : A smooth handover and well-maintained buildings contribute to the satisfaction of tenants and owners.


In the world of facility management, checklists and digital protocols are indispensable tools that help facility managers organize their everyday work and make it more efficient. Particularly in the areas of apartment handover and maintenance work, they help to optimize processes, control costs and increase customer satisfaction. Facility managers should actively use these technologies to effectively fulfill their responsibilities and ensure the quality of their services.