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Efficient communication with text modules for emails and autoresponders

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05 January 2024

Daily communication often requires recurring information, be it answering inquiries, assigning tasks or notifying property users. This is where iHive’s text modules come in handy. This function makes it possible to insert predefined text blocks into emails or chats.

How do the text modules work?
The operation is incredibly easy. Users can insert predefined text blocks by simply selecting the desired block from a list. This feature is designed to be user-friendly to make integration into the workflow as smooth as possible.

The advantages of text modules in practice

Time saving

Text blocks allow you to insert frequently used information with just a few clicks, significantly reducing manual entry time.

For recurring requests or tasks, you can use prepared texts instead of writing them from scratch every time.

By using predefined texts, you ensure that communication with tenants, owners and other stakeholders is always consistent. This ensures a professional tone in external communication.

Effective response to requests:
Autoresponders are an essential part of an efficient communication strategy for service providers. iHive allows you to create automated replies to respond to requests in real time.

Customizable text modules:
Every property manager has specific needs and preferences. iHive allows you to customize the text modules according to your needs to ensure tailor-made communication.

Use in any rich text field:
Whether you’re processing service requests or generating reports, iHive’s boilerplates can be used in any rich text field to make your work easier.

iHive’s text modules make daily communication in facility management easier. By combining efficiency, consistency and adaptability, this feature allows property managers to focus on what matters – providing the best possible care for their properties and customers.