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Facility management software as your digital service center

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22 December 2023

Service centers play a crucial role in handling customer inquiries and operational tasks. Service centers are particularly important for companies in the field of facility management, as they represent an interface between customers, tenants and the company’s internal processes.

What is a Service Center?
A service center is a central point of contact designed to process customer inquiries, resolve problems and ensure smooth operations. In various industries, service centers take on tasks such as answering customer telephone calls, processing inquiries via email, live chat or social media, and coordinating service providers and suppliers.

The importance of service centers for facility management

Service centers are indispensable for facility management companies. They take care of a variety of tasks, from tenant inquiries to maintenance tasks to the coordination of external service providers. Service centers are at the heart of efficient facility management as they ensure that all inquiries and problems are resolved professionally and promptly.

Benefits of using facility management software
Using facility management software offers a variety of benefits. These specialized software solutions have proven to be an effective way to reduce service center workload while increasing efficiency. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Centralized information management: Facility management software enables the central storage of all relevant data, from building information to maintenance schedules and tenant details.
  • Efficient communication tools: The software offers various communication channels such as telephony, email and tasks that enable seamless interaction with customers and tenants.
  • Proactive Maintenance: The software allows facility managers to create proactive maintenance plans to identify potential problems early and fix them before they become serious disruptions.

What does that look like in practice?
By introducing a software solution, facility managers can not only significantly reduce the workload of the service center, but also increase customer satisfaction. Centralized data management allows requests to be processed more quickly, while proactive maintenance plans result in a significant reduction in downtime. Customers appreciate faster response times and the ability to track the progress of their inquiries and further information about the building online.

In today’s demanding business world, using facility management software as a digital service center allows your team to focus on the tasks that matter. The benefits that come from efficient centralized information management, effective communication tools, proactive maintenance and data analysis cannot be underestimated. Facility management companies that implement these advanced solutions can not only reduce their workload, but also increase customer satisfaction and strengthen their competitiveness in the market.