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Five good reasons for a SaaS solution


22 December 2023

Software as a Service (SaaS) describes a licensing model by which software applications are hosted in a data center and offered as a service on a subscription basis. Unlike an on-premise solution, which requires its own IT resources, the SaaS solution requires only a web browser.

Software as a Service offers its users a great deal of flexibility, resulting in efficient handling of company processes. The benefits for companies go far beyond the five points mentioned below, but we have summarized the most important aspects for you here:

Advantages for customers:

1. cost reduction

SaaS software has a significantly lower total cost of ownership than traditional, locally installed software. There are rarely any models with a long contract commitment, and setup fees are usually low. With SaaS, you get first-class software on a monthly basis at an attractive price that can grow with you.

2. no hosting effort

Because you use the SaaS solution entirely through a web browser, you don’t have to worry about running a server room, maintaining mainframes, or installing desktop software. Your software provider manages these centrally for you in an efficient manner.

3. failure safety

Most online applications have an uptime guarantee and have measures in place to keep downtime to a minimum. The problems and challenges associated with using desktop applications on numerous different operating systems and devices no longer need to be overcome with SaaS. SaaS products are thus available at all times and ensure continuous operation.

4. included maintenance and IT security

Your SaaS provider manages software updates for you, so you no longer need to install or download patches. New features can be activated with a mouse click if required.

IT security is also taken care of: the majority of SaaS companies currently use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for data transmission as a normal procedure. As an additional security level for logging in with passwords, two-factor authentication is now standard.

5. mobile working

With SaaS, you can access the solution from anywhere and with any device that has an internet connection. In times of home office, this facilitates location-independent working. The software can be used independently of the device.


So, in summary, investing in SaaS software has many benefits, including cost savings, more flexibility, time savings, and better data security. When you equip your employees with best-in-class solutions like iHive, you give your company a clear competitive advantage.