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iHive® – the cloud software for property managers – flexible & web-based

Digital property management,

22 December 2023

The iHive® cloud software closes the information loop between tenants, owners, service providers and property management. Access to the innovative portal for property managers does not require local installation of manager software. Online access to property management is possible from anywhere via the mobile web app.

Digitization of property management:
Do you still organize yourself with Excel?

At the latest when the property management reaches its limits with the organization of the processes around its real estate objects in xls tables, it is time to think about the digitalization of the property management . Property management software as an app – such as iHive® – automates property management processes and enables mobile property management. All important processes are recorded and processed at a central point in the property manager portal.

Ticket system for real estate management around the clock as cloud software

As cloud software , iHive® is available anytime and anywhere without limits, and is thus available around the clock. With the software as-a-service (SaaS) solution, service notifications from customers, for example, are easily created in the portal for property managers. Customers receive immediate feedback and stay informed with status updates – no matter where they are and regardless of the time of day.

Advantages of a ticket system for real estate management in the cloud as software as-a-service (Saas)

  • Continuous further development
  • Real-time updates
  • Automatic backup
  • Access from anywhere
  • Low service/maintenance costs
  • modern, intuitive user interface
  • easy rollout in the company
  • Scalability: easy expansion as the number of employees increases

Saas solution: comparison with local software solution

Compared to the desktop version with a static interface, the SaaS solution is further developed and optimized during operation – including direct access to new functions through updates in real time. The user interface thus always remains up to date, and updates do not have to be triggered manually. Data protection and backup are also performed automatically; thus, there are no costs for an additional backup system. Another advantage of the SaaS solution compared to classic software is that the administrator portal can be accessed on the move at any time, not just on a stationary computer.

Another argument is the cost: With online property management as a SaaS solution, only low monthly service fees are incurred in comparison. There are no relatively high fixed license costs per user or one-time acquisition costs. The SaaS solution is also quick and easy to roll out and scalable without having to install new clients.

Mobile ticket system for real estate management in the cloud

As software as-a-service, iHive® can be used for all electronic devices that have a browser and Internet connection – whether PC or Mac. The web-based iHive® app is optimally designed for all mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, etc..

User-friendly portal for property management

iHive® offers a user-friendly portal with patented design and a unique task-oriented approach. All tasks in the Real estate management become transparent at a glance and are 100% traceable. iHive® provides a complete overview of all processes of a property at any time. This allows property managers to stay on top of urgent tasks and follow up proactively. The presentation is done in a traffic light system; thus all tasks remain traceable at any time. Status updates on service notifications and direct information via the bulletin board create even more transparency and overview.

Cloud software for multi-channel in real estate management

Whether through the iHive® portal, the iHive® mobile app, via email, phone, fax, etc., iHive® enables everyone involved in a process to communicate via their preferred channel. With iHive®, everyone involved in a process can communicate via their preferred channel – whether it’s to get the information they need or to report damage simply and easily, for example. This means that janitors or external service providers can also be seamlessly integrated into the processing, even if they themselves are not registered in iHive®.

Test cloud software without obligation

You would like to test our cloud software? For easy access via web interface in the cloud, we are happy to provide the capabilities for a test . Request a demo without obligation here: https://ihive.de

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