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5 aspects in which mobile applications improve communication in facility management


22 December 2023

Clear communication channels are particularly important for technical facility management. In this article you will learn how mobile applications can help optimize communication between facility management, employees, service providers and users.

The possibilities of mobile communication apps

Mobile communications apps are powerful applications designed to drive proactive operations. Facility management covers a complex range of tasks and involves a wide variety of contacts and stakeholders. A mobile communication app is an important tool that offers a variety of advantages:

Quick reporting of incidents

Incident reporting is one of the main benefits of a mobile communications app. When managing real estate, unforeseen events also arise that require a quick response. A mobile app allows users to report incidents in real time. If the users of the property are involved, you will receive damage reports including photos much more quickly.

Quick problem resolution

You can react immediately before major consequential damage occurs. With direct access to a mobile app, reports go directly into the ticket system and are forwarded to the appropriate employees. You can manage and assign tasks regardless of where they are.

Overcoming communication barriers

Mobile communication apps make it possible to efficiently transmit information to the team anywhere and at any time. The app works over WiFi or existing mobile networks and enables smooth real-time communication.

Negative effects of inconsistent communication

Inconsistent communication can lead to significant problems in facility management. Here are some of the negative effects:

Conflicts between employees

Lack of communication leads to misunderstandings, conflicts and frustration within the team. Clear communication is necessary to work together effectively and prevent conflicts and errors.

Misguided prioritization

Poor communication leads to employees setting the wrong priorities and not sharing important information. This can reduce efficiency and lead to ineffective workflows.

Relaxing communication protocols

Lack of communication not only affects relationships between employees, but it can also compromise communication protocols. Important details and processes must be documented to ensure smooth operations.

Unnecessary detours for employees

Poor communication can mislead employees and cause unnecessary travel. An effective communication method is therefore essential to increase employee efficiency.

This is how a facility management app improves communication

The benefits of good communication between facility management and employees impact not only the team, but also other areas of the operation:

1. Improving procedural information

A mobile app ensures that information about procedural changes is always available and up-to-date. Employees can carry out their tasks effectively while management stays on top of things.

2. Promoting team spirit between departments

Clear communication promotes team spirit and improves collaboration between departments. Efficient communication ensures smooth processes and effective teamwork.

3. Effective communication processes

A mobile communication app provides clear steps for communication before, during and after processes. This minimizes misunderstandings and ensures clear responsibility between departments.

4. Increase operational efficiency

Effective communication combined with incident management software noticeably improves operational efficiency. Reports from users are registered transparently, which drastically reduces telephone calls with reports or inquiries.

5. Increase customer satisfaction

The points mentioned above result in an overall improved service quality with quick problem solving, which increases customer satisfaction in the long term and sustainably.

What you need to consider with a mobile communication app

When choosing a mobile communication app, the following features should be considered:

  • Direct two-way communication
  • Real-time updates
  • Adjustable notifications
  • Easy media uploading
  • Clear and intuitive user interface
  • Request tracking for better customer service
  • Digital signature

Conclusion: Communication apps offer clear advantages
Mobile communication apps offer an effective solution for improving communication in facility management. By implementing a suitable app, work processes can be optimized, guest satisfaction increased and efficiency increased. iHive includes all of the above features. Request a demo today to see for yourself.