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Digital dormitory management cost-effective and efficient!

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22 December 2023

The management of dormitories, e.g. student residences, with frequent changes of tenants and short tenancies, can cost a lot of time – and above all nerves – in administration. The constant “coming and going” brings with it a multitude of recurring administrative tasks and high communication costs for the residence hall administration. Managing residential real estate cost-effectively and efficiently is therefore a huge task. iHive® supports here with digital real estate management and modern communication: around the clock, fast and efficient.

Experts for digital dormitory management

With our know-how from many years of experience in the real estate industry and as experts in management and processes, we have developed an integrated digital solution specifically for residence hall management and its special requirements such as round-the-clock communication, rapid response and many parallel processes to be handled simultaneously.

The task in focus

With iHive® the task is the focus, all processes are centrally displayed as tasks in the novel dashboard and structured by means of a traffic light system – for quick and easy assignment as well as a comprehensive overview – including janitor and contract management.

Multi-channel communication in residence hall management

In cooperation with experienced software developers, a state-of-the-art online platform for secure and up-to-date communication has been created. The iHive® mobile CRM software is available as a cost-effective SaaS solution. It requires neither installation of an application nor special hardware. Even unregistered users can be included in the communication.

Mobile first! in dormitory management

iHive® is ideal for mobile use. Everyone can communicate at any time, from anywhere, through their preferred channel – whether phone, email, portal, app, fax, etc. – communicate.

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