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Do not be afraid of the vacation season

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22 December 2023

After a long period of travel abstinence, loosened guidelines around the world are leading workers to take vacations again throughout the year. For the employer this means: organizing vacation replacements – and for the employee: preparing handovers. Because while employees are traveling to distant countries, operations continue. With the right planning and with the right tools, nothing stands in the way of a smooth process.

Transparency about open tasks

A suitable vacation replacement ensures that urgent tasks are completed immediately. With iHive, the modern ticketing system for the real estate industry, the handover becomes even easier.

Here, incoming calls, emails, recurring tasks and other requests are recorded as tickets, each of which is given a deadline, priority and a responsible person.

If an employee is absent due to vacation or illness, the administrative team sees the pending tasks in the task list at team level and can redistribute them accordingly. Thus, no request remains unanswered and a stress-free return from vacation is ensured.