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Integration of telephone system and iHive with CTI


22 December 2023

CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration and describes the link between a computer and a telephone system. This connection allows very convenient answering or making calls directly from the computer, including displaying information stored in the system such as the name / company name of the contact.

Many companies are already using CTI to take advantage of the many benefits of this connection. But what if you use a web-based ticketing system? iHive is one of the few ticketing systems that can easily integrate with onsite phone systems. As is so often the case, the network principle also applies here: the more users and entries are linked in the system, the greater the benefit for the user.

What does that look like in practice?

Outgoing calls can be made directly from iHive by clicking on the contact. When a call comes in, the software automatically displays the name of the caller with their last request . Insight into the ticket history triggered by the caller saves coordination effort and increases service quality.

If desired, the display of information can be customized for your company: In addition, you can display further information such as the role of the caller (tenant, owner, janitor, etc.) or the stored location (building, floor, apartment number).