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Modern workflow management

Central and intuitive platform,

22 December 2023

Workflow management refers to the coordinated organization and control of work processes in a company or organization. This includes the systematic design, execution and monitoring of tasks as well as the optimization of processes to ensure efficient and smooth processing of activities.

Digital workflow management like iHive relies on a central communication platform to effectively coordinate work processes with all stakeholders involved.

Optimized work orders:
With iHive, facility managers can capture, assign and track work orders. The digital ticket system allows property users to submit damage reports, including a photo, directly in the app. These tasks can then be assigned by the facility management team to the responsible person with a due date.

Real-time communication:
iHive facilitates real-time communication between team members by making status and votes visible to everyone involved directly in the process. Whether it’s urgent requests, status updates, or general communications, iHive promotes transparent and effective collaboration.

Management of resources:
In order to avoid bottlenecks and overloading of individual employees, sensible resource planning is required. In the iHive dashboard you can see all ongoing tasks per team and employee at a glance. In the event of absences due to vacation or illness, tasks can be easily reassigned.

Flexibility and adaptability:
Every property has unique facility management requirements. iHive is characterized by its flexibility and can be adapted to the specific needs of different building types, industries and companies. Design your building view, protocols and message templates exactly the way you want.


At a time when the demands on companies are constantly growing, iHive sets new standards for modern workflow management and supports organizations in effectively achieving their goals.