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New feature: Digital document storage


22 December 2023

In the housing industry, a large number of documents and contracts have to be consulted every day, originating from a wide variety of sources. Quick retrieval of these files facilitates the workflow.

With iHive, you not only store your important documents centrally and in a structured manner, you also grant stakeholders such as tenants, owners or service providers access to the files relevant to them in each case.

This access authorization principle enables tenants to view their documents themselves in accordance with the self-service principle, but also to transfer sensitive data into the system securely against access by unauthorized third parties.

More reasons to work with a document storage system:

  • More efficient work due to easy retrieval
  • Uniqueness of documents
  • Greatly reduced filing and access times
  • Work more uncomplicated independent of location
  • Quick distribution of documents to stakeholders
  • Secure handling of personal data