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Real estate management online thought ahead!

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22 December 2023

As a property manager, do you also often have annoyed owners or tenants on the phone because you simply can’t manage to take care of details anymore? Then you should give your team the opportunity to document on a common platform and communicate without media breaks: So that they can understand the upcoming tasks and all processes at a glance. This not only brings more productivity in your property management, but also increases the quality of service in the daily cooperation with high availability and fast response: for satisfied customers.

Industry and management experts for integrated digital real estate management

We have combined our know-how as industry experts with many years of experience in real estate management and as management experts for processes and effective working and further thought integrated digital real estate management.

IT service providers and software specialists for a technological edge in real estate management

As an IT service provider with a focus on data protection and information security, we were able to work with experienced software specialists and developers to develop an online platform for secure, up-to-date communication and technological advancement.

iHive® mobile CRM software for real estate management

With the mobile CRM software iHive®, which is offered as a cost-effective SaaS solution and therefore does not require any hardware or installation of apps, etc., properties can be easily managed online.

With iHive® the task is the focus, all processes are centrally displayed as tasks in the novel dashboard and structured by means of a traffic light system – for a quick overview including janitor and contract management. With iHive®, communication can take place at any time, in any place, through the preferred channel – this applies to tenants, owners, service providers, property managers, and even non-registered users. The cutting-edge technology is ideal for mobile use and enables quick and easy processing: processes can be assigned immediately, for example. With comprehensive integration capabilities, iHive® is the next step in smart property management.

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