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The digital bulletin board for real estate


22 December 2023

In managed properties, there is often a need to distribute information across one or more buildings or sites to all property users. The digital bulletin board, which has already established itself in public buildings in many places, is a proven alternative to the classic paper notice board. Here, information is communicated to stakeholders in a clear, up-to-date and appealing manner – without paperwork and information overload due to outdated notices. Information is distributed to the right addressees in seconds with just one click, without the need for printing or time-consuming posting.


  • Easier access to information for the addressees
  • Higher information content
  • Time saving in the management of the notices
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Intuitive operation in the web browser

New possibilities

  • Display medium: web browser on any end device and, if required, an additional screen in the entrance area as a digital display
  • Display information depending on location by filtering the addressees
  • Individual branding – display customization possible