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Central communication portal for real estate management

Central and intuitive platform,

22 December 2023

Running a property management company efficiently can be nerve-wracking! Expectations regarding service quality and the range of services offered are constantly increasing. Tenants and owners expect ever better accessibility, ideally around the clock, and faster communication in a wide variety of channels such as telephone, email, portal, fax, etc. To ensure this, property management companies are currently planning significant price increases, as Der Spiegel reports. However, price increases can only partially contribute to solving this problem. Increasingly, property management companies are therefore looking for ways to increase internal efficiency in order to meet the growing demands of their customers and the increasing legal requirements. Here, a central communication portal can significantly reduce internal efforts. When property management communicates with owners, tenants and service providers on a central platform, it also has the advantage of being able to document all processes and make them traceable. Media discontinuities and multiple efforts are thus effectively avoided. In addition to increasing productivity, this consolidated communication of all channels on one platform (multi-channel communication) significantly increases the quality of service in property management.

High accessibility and fast response for satisfied customers with communication portal

With the iHive® communication portal, communication between property management and tenants or owners, as well as with service providers and various service suppliers, can take place at any time and in any place – including external contact persons who do not necessarily have to be registered in iHive®. For example, customers can report defects simply and easily outside office hours.

Communication and workflow: The ticket system for property management

With iHive®, the task is the focus. All processes are centrally displayed as tasks in the new dashboard and structured using a traffic light system. The highly up-to-date technology enables a quick overview and effective processing because transactions can be assigned directly. The iHive® Service app can be optimally used on mobile devices and also seamlessly integrates the external parties involved in a process – e.g. janitors or service providers – into the processing.

Response to the increasing workload in real estate management

With iHive®, online property management across all communication boundaries becomes possible, which can significantly reduce internal efforts and the increasing workload in all areas of property management. With iHive®, property managers can keep track of all incidents, automate their routine processes and thus work more productively: For real-time communication, reduced communication effort for all parties involved and increased service quality.

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