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Working in the home office – how teamwork succeeds

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22 December 2023

The possibility of doing office work from home is still a hot topic even after the home office obligation has been abolished. A trend that is based not least on the many advantages for the employee, such as saving time by eliminating the need to travel to work, a quieter environment and more flexibility.

At the same time, working in a home office also brings challenges: The physical distance makes communication with colleagues more difficult. Each reconciliation requires an email or phone call, which means additional steps. Misunderstandings and queries are inevitable, especially when voting on a joint process.

The solution

With iHive®, you improve information transparency and reduce media disruption by unifying users and communication channels in one digital property management platform.

The platform maps essential property management processes and shows which tasks are open, assigned, in progress and completed in a clear dashboard. Responsibilities and deadlines are clearly defined.

The crowning glory: all other parties involved (users, janitors, craftsmen) are integrated into the processes in real time, regardless of location, and can track the current status of the processes.

You would like to learn more? Learn about the benefits of iHive® for geographically separated teams in a free demo.